Pleasure Venom debuted in October of 2014 at a Halloween house party in Austin, TX. After front-woman Audrey Campbell moved to Austin and began singing back-up and playing trumpet in Danny Price & The Heist, she soon met Trevor Mason (bass). She grew tired of joining other projects and decided to pursue a solo project with the help of Mason under the moniker ‘A Band Named Audrey’.

Along the way, the duo met Thomas Valles (drums), Anna Charlock (guitar, back-up vocals) and Harrison Pennock (guitar) and naturally over time the project transformed from a solo project into a full band with each new member becoming strong musical additions. While their music can most certainly be described as Post-Punk, members pull their influence from all different genres of music — helping them to bring an eclectic sound that is both catchy and heavy.

When the band first formed, they had a tough time deciding on the name. Campbell had been reading about Ghandi’s “Seven Social Sins,” likened to the Bible, and found his mantra “Pleasure Without Conscience” very intriguing because of its ideas of indulging in things for only short-term gratification, regardless of how these actions may harm. They considered that as a band name, but thought it didn’t roll off the tongue in the way they’d like. After throwing a couple others around, Pleasure Venom was mentioned, and that was it. The five-piece is currently working on their first EP “Hunt,” which will release in January of 2016.

The six-song EP will include heavy riffs, dance-y melodies and strong vocals. Each songs’ lyrics are written by Campbell about her emotions on love, sex, resentment and the absurdity of it all. Both her and Charlock (Phantom Fox, Prom Threat) bring very strong Riot Grrl personas to the stage, treating audiences to fierce femme-punk-rock thunder, which encapsulates their identity as a band.